Quick Trip in Varese

I asked my husband to come with me to Varese, not for the real tour, but to know how to get there exactly. My daughter will have a photo shoot here next week, and i don’t want to get lost, dragging my daughter around. I got this habit of checking first the location when i can, so the day of the photo shoot, i will have no problems finding the place. I don’t want to be late as respect for the staff.
Anyway, Varese is not so far from Milan.It just an hour train ride from where we live. We haven’t been here, so it’s our first time. It’s just me and my hub, without the kids. Our time is limited this Sunday, so we just had a quick photo tour, and just enjoy every places that we see.
Varese downtown

The town can be toured by walking around. From the train station of Varese, once you got out, it’s the city center already. First thing i noticed when we were walking is the sticker quote on one of the store windows near the train station. I can’t help but take a picture of it.

It means “the most couragious decision you’ll ever make is to have a good mood every day.” 
I love road signs!

Italy’s pasta and pizza are famous, but aside from the two, the country is well known too for arts.

The Bell-Tower and San Vittorio Church (La Campanaria and Basilica di San Vittorio) is a must-see. This is the most impressive spot in the town center. We had a quick look inside the church and it was really amazing. The paintings and sculptures on the ceilings were spectacular.
From the church, there is a passage which connects the Main Square and the one in front of the cathedral. All the names of the war soldiers were written there on the two walls.

A small and beautiful church called the Baptistery (Battistero di San Giovanni Batista) is situated right behind the cathedral.It is probably the oldest church in the town, and according the the look it was built in Romanesque style.
The names of the soldiers from the war

Walking along, we see the town’s Trial Court and it has a great architectural design. It’s obviously close because it’s Sunday. From here, we headed back to the center.

Town’s Trial Court

Fortunately, even it is Sunday, a lot of stores were open, so we had some window shopping too. There’s a kid’s clothing store which fortunately has the poster of my friend’s daughter (as a model). It’s closed, so i had a bit of a hard time taking photos inside. Her name is Alexa, a filipina too.
That particular building with the painted wall can be seen near the train station
Since we didn’t really have enough time exploring the town, but it’s always fun to discover things/places. Sorry, but, i can’t tell you long stories and experiences for now. I will be back for sure, stay longer calmly, and taste their food.
– – – Until our next adventure – – ->

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