Conegliano: Home of Prosecco

It’s actually my birthday today, and i celebrated it with my daughter at one of the small towns in the foothills of the Alps in Veneto. It’s called, Conegliano (pronounced as “Conelyano”), a beautiful town in the province of Treviso.


From Milan, we took the train going to Venice and we get down at Mestre-Venezia station (the stop before the main Venice station), then we took another local train going to Conegliano.

It was our first time to be here, not for the real purpose of touring around, but my daughter needs to shoot for a catalog  (Papermoon Clothing). We just need to be here a day before the shoot because the call time (tomorrow) is early, around 9:00 am.

Conegliano Train Station


From the train station we just walked going to our hotel, checked-in and gone out again to eat something. It’s almost 4:30 pm and we’re definitely starving. There’s a small pizza house near our hotel so we decided to eat there. Then, we headed to the center to stroll around. I’m not familiar with the town obviously, so i just followed my instincts.

Just a trivia, Conegliano is known for its Prosecco wine. Prosecco is an Italian white wine, made from Glera grapes (also known as Prosecco). It can be a sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine or still wine. The name is derived from the Italian vilage of Prosecco near Trieste, where the grape may have originated.

I was tempted to buy some Prosecco wine, but i’m not actually a white wine drinker, so i discarded the thought.

One of the churches near our hotel
Fontana Dei Cavalli (Horses Fountain)

The most important place to visit is the Piazza Cima which is located at the center of Conegliano. Here, you will find the classical theather, the Scuola dei Battuti and the cathedral. The arcades of the surrounding streets are great for a short walk.

See those lovely arcades for a walk?


Scalinata Degli Alpini (Alpines’ Flight of Steps)


I’m not good at directions, but i always love capturing street signs. At least i know where we are headed. Or if we’re lost, i always remember the signs.

an old deep well in front of the Teatro dell’ Accademia

An important part of our quick trip is a walk up to the castle on its hill. My daughter had a great time walking up the stairs and every now and then looking at the gates or view from the top. You can see there the Convent of Saint Francis, a former monastery (now a college). A part of the way up the Calle Madonna delle Neve, a steep, ancient path alongside the old defensive walls, is the Brolo di San Francesco, a pleasant little garden that belonged to the monastery. Then the next stop is the Chiesetta della Madonna delle Neve, a tiny church with a rediscovered fresco halfway up the hill.


Conegliano’s castle, the Castello

It’s almost 6:00 pm and we’re still in the middle of the road going up. We didn’t see people climbing around. I felt a bit creepy, so we decided to go down before it gets dark. Besides, my daughter needs to sleep early for the shoot the next day. It will be a long shoot for sure.

I’m amazed by the view of the architectural design of the buildings


Not so far from our hotel, there’s this bridge similar to the canals of Naviglio Grande in Milan. Overlooking from the right side, there’s the “Museo degli Alpini” (Alpines’ Museum)

Monticano River


Hotel Cristallo. This is our hotel, see that open window up? It’s our room.

Of course, my daughter won’t miss “buying” a souvenir from the town. She bought some paper dolls to play with. She seldom watch TV every time we stay in a hotel.

We may have strolled quickly here at Conegliano, but i loved the town already. Peaceful, happy faces of people and a really interesting history. Thanks to my daughter for “bringing” me here. It’s the best birthday gift!

Look at that cute photo bomber behind me =)

– – – Until our next adventure – – – >



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