Feels of Safari at Parco Natura Viva

Whenever i think about my childhood, i guess i’m not so fascinated by a zoo. Funny, but i never visited a zoo even after i finished college back home in the Philippines. The first mini zoo i visited is the one in Leolandia-Minitalia Park (Capriate, Italy), with my second son. Well, i guess if i didn’t have kids i won’t be able to visit one. But, thanks to them, they let me changed my mind about animal parks.
It’s a hot Sunday, and we headed to the Safari Park (Parco Natura Viva) with some friends. It was located at Bussolengo, Verona. It is reachable by public transportation from the Porta Nuova Train Station in Verona, by getting a bus going to Bussolengo.
Tickets cost: Adult – 20euro, Kids from 3-12 years old – 15euro, while kids 2 years old and below, are of course free to enter. It is open from 10am to 3pm (last admission), while the Fauna Park is from 9am-5pm.

Sign to the main entrance of the Safari Park
Safari Park is divided into three parts: The Tropical Greenhouse & Vivarium, and the Extinction Park. Upon entering the Safari Park, the windows of the vehicles (be it a car, bus or coaster) are required to be closed. Why is that? There are no fences and the animals are roaming free in a completely wild environment. Through the touring you’ll see, only few steps from car windows, elegant giraffes, pretty zebras, antelopes, exciting lions, hyenas, monkeys, tigers, etc. Some are literally “licking” the vehicles. My daughter is happily wondering/squeaking when a giraffe’s face is almost all over our bus window. That’s so exciting! I can imagine a real African Safari adventure.

Zendra enjoying the almost “reachable” giraffe

The Tropical Greenhouse & Vivarium
Parco Natura Viva has always been sensitive towards environmental issues, so they joined a campaign by EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) for the safeguard of atlantic tropical forests in South America. The Greenhouse has been opened since 1978 and allows the visitors to experience the wonders of tropical forests. The Greenhouse hosts about 130 different species of plants and about ten species of birds and reptiles. Fruit trees like papaya, mango, and banana trees provide food for colorful birds, like violet turacos.
Vivarium consists of the internal pools that host reptiles like water turtles and caimans. The large constricting snakes, like pythons from South-East Asia, the lizards, and the amazing camouflage of stick insects, that will put your ability to the test.

The Extinction Park
This portion of the park was constructed last 2010 and highlights of a surprising journey from the past. The construction of the different dinosaurs in their real scale is spectacular and accurate. They are all based from the discovery and scientific collaboration of the paleonthologists and great model-artists. Their creation of life-size extinct creatures are just awesome.
Another part of the Parco Natura Viva is the entertainment area. An hour of fun, circus and gag show is being held there (for free). The show is really spectacular.
My son enjoying the kid’s area

For further info’s, visit their site: http://www.parconaturaviva.it/
Three generations with one rule: color coding (hahaha!)
Never noticed that until i stare at this picture
– – – Until our next adventure — >

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