Up On The Hills of Bergamo

A magnificent view of the Lower City from the Upper City
I have been to the city of Bergamo a lot of times, maybe more than 10 times already. It is not so far from Milan. It just takes an hour ride by the bus, train or car. The city is composed of the Upper City (Citta Alta), and the Lower City (Citta Bassa). This is my second visit though to Citta Alta.
To go to there, the Line 1 buses that go backwards and forwards every few minutes and stop at the Upper City. The bus pass or stops too at the railway station and the funicular station.
It was such an amazing view when you take the funicular.
My daughter enjoying the ride up. She’s not afraid of the heights!
Bergamo has two funicolari (funicular railways), one which links the Upper City to the Lower City. The other runs from Upper City to San Vigilio above it. There are regular services every few minutes. You can buy a single journey ticket, which you pass through a machine before going through the barrier.
Behind me is the Tourism Office
Citta Alta (Upper City), is the oldest part of Bergamo which name probably comes from the celtic word for the hill. It was founded in pre-christian times by the Romans, but most developed during the rule of the Venetian Republic. Although less known by the tourists, Citta Alta might be considered as the gem of the Lombardy Region.
Most part of the old buildings that you’ll see were built after the 15th Century.
Three are the monuments that cannot be missed: the Old Square (Piazza Vecchia), the Walls (Mura) that were built by the Venice Republic, and the complex of the Dome and the Cathedral, behind the Square. The city is simply full of various sights. You should pay your attention to the fact that there is an enormous number of architectural ensembles created in the period of Renaissance in Bergamo.
This is still part of the Piazza Duomo
Walking from the Square, it gave us an opportunity for more leisurely sightseeing and meanderings around Alta in particular. I started to notice more little details, like the old doors with different shapes or designs of the door knockers, the colorful windows, etc., especially along Via Bartolomeo Colleoni and Via Gombito. Just a tip, at least raise your eyes above the shops and appreciate those little details.

My little girl enjoys more of the cold fountain at the Piazza. It’s tap water, so you can bring bottles and fill them.
Capella Colleoni/Colleoni Chapel
Colleoni Chapel was built 1472-1476 as the personal shrine for the famous condottiere, Bartolomeo Colleoni, a member of one of the most outstanding families of Bergamo. The facade makes use of Tarsia and Polychrome marble decorations. Over the main portal is a rose window, flanked by two medallions portraying Julius Caesar and Trajan.
The tomb of Bartolomeo Colleoni, who died in November 1475, is in a wall facing the entrance. It is decorated with reliefs of Episodes from the Life of Christ,
Bergamo Cathedral, or  Cathedral of  Sant’ Alessandro, was built to dedicate Saint Alexander of Bergamo, patron saint of the city. The Roman Catholic Cathedral has a Neo-Classical Facade. Building began in 1459, but work continued and changes were made through the 19th century. Built in 1340 by Giovanni Da Campione , to be placed inside the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. But it was dismantled in 1680, reconstructed and placed in a courtyard to the side of the Duomo. In 1898, it was moved once again to its present site next to the Colleoni Chapel in the Piazza Duomo.

The altar of Colleoni Chapel
The Baptistry
Located to the right of the Colleoni Chapel, in Piazza Del Duomo – Cathedral Square – is the ornate octagonal building called Il Battistero or the Baptistry. In 1898 the baptistry was rebuilt in neo-gothic style by Viginio Muzio. The statues depicting the Virtues outside the church are original, along with the statue of St. John the Baptist and the bas-reliefs of the Life of Jesus found inside.
Going down to the Lower City, we decided to just walk and not take the funicular. The walls with those climbing plants were carefully cut/designed by different shapes or forms. We can’t help it. We cross the streets and took some photos. Well, if we will pose on each walls, we will be finished at night, hahaha. Just awesome!
Me and my hub goofing infront of the heart-shaped leaves
While relaxing, we took time capturing some wacky photos. It is always nice to travel with the whole bunch of your same blood. The trip becomes bloody fun! Hahaha!
From Left to Right: My husband, Me, my son, my MOM, my daughter, my brother, his daughter at the back, my brother’s son and his wife
Who else is the most photographed creature in our group?
Wondering over these walls, you got the feeling of being just a tiny dot on Earth.
That’s us: my sister-in-law, me, my daughter & son and my niece–a bit of left side separated from the tourists on the right
The walls of Bergamo is one of the famous fortifications built by Venice, constituted the Republic’s westernmost defense system, while the fortress of Famagusta on the island of Cyprus, was the Venetian outpost located farthest to the east.
me and my mom
Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts =)

So, what else can i say? When you visit the Citta Alta in Bergamo, it’s all about walking up/going down the hills. Wear your comfortable shoes, and during summer, bring some bottles of water!
Let me leave you a Bergamasco proverb on their dialect: “Bèl tép e bèla zét no i stoeufa mai.” 
(The nice weather and the beautiful people are never boring).

Watch our travel video:

da PensieriParole <http://www.pensieriparole.it/proverbi/bergamo/proverbio-43494?f=t:20

 ❥ – – – Until our next adventure – – – >

2 thoughts on “Up On The Hills of Bergamo

  1. wow what a lovely place! didn't know that there are many places to see in Bergamo. Nice seeing you and your family going around the beautiful countryside…. always good to explore…especially since everything is so accessible in EU! Hope I can visit this place, too!


  2. Ripemango, this is what i am telling you about in Bergamo. The Leolandia Park and the Upper city of Bergamo. You got to put this on your italian travels in the future. =)


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