If Walls Could Talk in Montagnana


I’ve been living for more than 20 years now in Italy and honestly, it’s my first time to hear about  Montagnana. My italian/photographer friend invited us over to her photo exhibit last April 11/12, 2015. My daughter’s photo is exhibited there, so i got two reasons to visit the city. It was a last minute family decision, so we quickly bought our train tickets on-line the night before our departure.
Montagnana is one of the five famous walled cities in Italy. The other four cities are: Verona,  San Gimignano, Perugia and Lucca. During those medieval times, the walls serve as protection against threat from the outside. But through the years, these great walls became historical landmarks.
From Milan Central Station, we took the train going to Mantova. Then we went down to change from Mantova to Legnago, then Legnago to Montagnana. All in all, it was a three-hour trip from Milan.




It was never that hard to find. Once you get out of the Montagnana train station, you can see right away the walls about 25 meters or so.
My first reaction was “It’s the same as in the picture. Amazing!” I am like a little child wondering where the walls end. The town was awarded with the “Bandiera Arancione”, (Orange Flag) which means, a recognition in Italy, for excellency in tourism, hospitality and environment, awarded by the Touring Club Italiano to small towns (population 15,000 or less).


Montagnana Cathedral


The walls surrounding the city are really impressive. They are consisted of four gates and twenty-four towers. It is truly a sight to behold.  Inside the walls there is a castle San Zeno, that is now used for tourism. We headed inside and found the “center” of the city. There’s their cathedral, not really grandiose compared to Duomo of Milan. We walked inside the church and found amazing architectures inside. Aside from the church, we passed by the old buildings and museums. I’m not a travel/history expert, so i won’t dare go into details here.


Never miss a thing! Bring your own iPad!



It was almost 12noon and we obviously are starving, so we don’t have any idea where to eat, so we just get inside that big restaurant across the cathedral. OK, i knew the saying “when you’re at the center, everything is not cheap”. Never mind, “we’re tourists for a day.” Hahaha!



After lunch, we headed to the Spring Fair, and we enjoyed looking around what the people are selling: tractors, plants, foods, native products, pots, etc. My friend/photographer waved at me, upon seeing us coming. She took us to her exhibit booth, and meet (again) her mom, dad and her younger sister. I got excited seeing my daughter’s poster there, along with the little photos hanged inside the booth. I have never been a proud mom, especially when people give nice compliments about my little one.


DSC_0146 DSC_0147

Zendra with photographer VALENTINA MANTOVANI
Some other photos of Zendra hanging



After chit-chats, we continued our visit to finish the entire walls. It’s not that so big after all. It will only take you an hour to two hours (with sitting/resting/wondering).

The Montagnana’s sweet ham and traditional products



It was a tiring, but a happy day for me and my family. I don’t know if i will go back to Montagnana again, but if you got the chance to visit the city, i tell you, it’s all worth it!

See our travel video:


– – – Until our next adventure – – ->



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