Be a Good Tourist. You’ll go far!

Einsiedeln, Switzerland
Einsiedeln, Switzerland

I love travelling. I love going to one place, to another. It’s always fun to be a tourist.

The question is do you behave appropriately?

Melide, Switzerland
Melide, Switzerland

Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t just aim “to see” places or stuffs, “FEEL” it. Travelling is not about just taking pictures. You need to “experience” it.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2. Don’t assume knowing things. You can always rely on maps or navigators. But the local people and taxi drivers are always good giving directions. It is always better when you ASK!

Vatican City, Italy
Vatican City, Italy

3. Learn about the place first. Ask advices from experts, or at least your friends who have been to the place. Ask what to expect, what or even where to eat and where to stay. Read some travel advisories/books/guides. Knowing ahead is helpful.

Monaco, France
Monaco, France
Venice, Italy

4. Be prepared. If you’re travelling in a non-english country, or not your mother tongue, be sure to bring dictionary or a translator. Smartphones, tablets or any gadgets with internet is really a handy one.

Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy

5. Be kind to the people. Remember you are a tourist. You are a stranger to the place. If anyone helped you out, give you some directions, or take care of you, appreciate them and be grateful.

Verona, Italy
Rome, Italy

6. Taste the foods! That is one of the basic things to do in a different place. Eat their native foods, famous delicacies and if you can, buy some goods, and bring them home with you.

Venice, Italy

7. Buy postcards & souvenirs. You have to bring something of the place, to your place. Photos are cool, but a mug, a shirt or a key chain, etc. is something you won’t find at your home.

Souvenirs from Como, Italy

8. Budget your trip well. You don’t have to spend all your savings. It always pay to reserve/buy months ahead for offers or low-price plane/train/bus tickets and hotels.

That's my daughter Z, figuring a map. =)
That’s my daughter Z, figuring a map at Melide, Switzerland =)

Have fun when you’re out of your town/city/country, ’cause everything seems new to you. You might not figure out how to put the tickets on a subway train, confused of the money values or speak the language, point things out to buy…but hey, you’re a tourist, remember? A bit of funny stupidity is “normal”.

Best of luck to your next trip!

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

– – – Until our next adventure – – – >



6 thoughts on “Be a Good Tourist. You’ll go far!

  1. I was looking for a search bar in your blog but I can’t find it … I was supposed to search “Venice”. I wonder if you’ve been there and finally found the answer when I bump into this post.. Venice is on my top list actually. ^_^ I have so much affection on the Romeo and Juliet stuffs that’s why I really really want to visit this city soon.

    Jace |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi I have been to Venice a lot of times…ironically, i haven’t have enough time to finish my blogs, hahaha…Romeo & Juliet stuffs is in Verona by the way. It’s 30 minutes away from Venice.


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