Why Travelling With A Friend Is More Exciting

For others, travelling solo is great. For some, travelling with someone or in a group is better. It’s more fun to know that you are with someone experiencing the same thing during the trip. To conquer a journey with a friend is one of the most memorable highlights of friendship.
There are many pros (sometimes silly or serious) to pack your bags, and get out on a trip with a friend.

With my friend MAY at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

1. You’re with a friend. It means, you have common things that you both like. There’s no arguing about “what you’ll do”, but just “when you will do it”. You won’t be stressed to pick which places to go, because you both know that you want to be everywhere “together”, to try new things, new foods, new places. It becomes a “mutual adventure”.

Friesland, Holland


2. If both of you are “planners”, then you just trust each other’s suggestions of itinerary: where to stay or where to eat, what time of departure and arrival.

With my friend, Dewie @ St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

3. Sharing a room with a friend is a lot better than being alone in your room, right? You don’t even need two beds! But of course, if there are two beds, you can’t either complain.

Shopping in Rome, Italy

4. Shopping is more fun with a friend. No explanations needed!

Florence, Italy

5. At least you know about your friend’s habit, what food she/he eats, her/his favorites, so you won’t suggest something awkward or useless. However, you can always agree to try new things. Order and share two kinds. Sure!

Milan, Italy

6. It is always a plus if there’s someone who will take a better photo of you. You would always want the better background scene. When you’re with a friend, the most fabulous shot becomes a “requirement”. No one can beat the poses with a friend. Selfies look better when both of your faces are wacky, cute and beautiful as well.

Rome, Italy

7. There will never be a dull moment with a friend. During the long trips you can talk just about everything: your high school crushes, embarrasing moments, your break-up, your make up brands, favorite clothing brands, etc.

IMG_9533 - Copia
Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Milan, Italy

8. You can just share things. She can bring the shampoo/conditioner, while you can just bring the toothpaste, soap, etc. Lesser weight, so you can have more room for some clothes or pair of shoes.

With my best friend Chat at Iloilo City, Philippines

9. You get to see all the non-traditional spots which the tourists sometimes take for granted because she/he wants to see them too. You can both appreciate the old houses, flea markets, tiny streets, native goods.

With my friend, Jona @ Verona, Italy

10. You won’t get annoyed, repeating same stories, “when we were kids” or “when we were in Italy”. You love how you have memories in so many places with your friend.
A time together, makes space for you to tell all the other stories you don’t get to talk over family dinners or picnics.

Friends at Bergamo, Italy

11. Every trip is full of unforeseen circumstances. It is extremely important to have someone who can go with the flow and allow for a change of plans. After all, the moments you aren’t expecting are the ones you’ll end up laughing over years later.

With my Italian friend, Valentina @ Verona, Italy
With my Italian friend, Valentina @ Verona, Italy

12. Travel stories are a great way to meet new people, generate some genuine laughs, closer relationship. But, more importantly, these shared stories will be the things that the two of you can reminisce about. It becomes part of you. You can lean on those cherished memories forever.

With your excursion soul-mate, you talk about your next trip while returning from your most recent exploration. You better start saving some money again, then get ready for your next adventure. I tell you, when the “travel bug” hits you, it has no known cure. =) Happy Trip!


– – – Until our next adventure – – – >



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