2015 Beautiful Adventures


It has been a wonderful 2015 for me and my family. My top travel year will always be last 2012, conquering more places and cities, but, 2015 have been the most costly one.

From January, 2015 we started off in Florence, Italy and closing the year conquering Hungary. And of course, the number 1 city on my bucket list was finally unchecked: PARIS! I used to kid my friends, “If i saw personally the Eiffel Tower, then i can die!”

Well, of course i am just kidding! That’s not really true. I still want to live longer. What about the number 2 in my bucket list: To see the Statue of Liberty in New York!


Top 4 trips for 2015

In all these trips i/we have learned a lot. New discoveries always make us a better and wiser people. The family bonding have been better & merrier than ever. I feel so blessed having been to these cities. I have been dreaming about Paris since i was 12 years old, seeing the fabulous photos on encyclopedia. After 32 years, here i was, posing in front of the tower.

Some dreams do really come true.

Top 1 trip for 2015

Another dream come true is for my six-year-old daughter. She wished for a photo and an autograph from Mickey Mouse himself. She had been patient waiting on the line for 1.5 hours to get her chance! Definitely an indescribable moment!

Number 1 on my travel bucket list: Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Thank you Lord for giving me/us this wonderful chance and time. 2016 will definitely be a list of new discoveries.

– – – Until our next adventure – – – >




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