Musings From Milan


I have been living in Milan (Italy) for almost two decades now. Almost half of my life i spent it here, so i consider the city my second home. My real home is the Philippines, obviously. Get to know the life in Milan through my posts.

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THINGS I WANT TO EXPERIENCE IN MILAN: (if it’s crossed-out, I’ve done it!)

  1. Watch a stage play at Teatro Nazionale di Milano.
  2. Eat at Spontini Pizzeria.  The best pizza in Milan!
  3. Night-out at Naviglio Grande. Weekends are crowded but awesome.
  4. Visit the planetarium.
  5. Visit the Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
  6. Go up on the roof of Duomo di Milano.  Really awesome view!
  7. Watch a concert at Mediolanum Forum.
  8. Watch a football (soccer) game at San Siro Stadium.
  9. Visit the Castello Sforzesco Museum.  Cool!
  10. Participate at Vogue Fashion’s Night-out. Fabulous!
  11. Eat panzerotti at Luini.  Really delicious. The best panzerotti in the city.
  12. Visit the Milan Civic Aquarium.
  13. Taste one of the best ice creams in Milan: Amorino.  Yummy and the rose-designed scoops were awesome!
  14. …..


I got a hundred list, but my mind is not cooperating right now. =)

More lists to come….


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